4 Steps to Knit Stitch

4 Steps to Knit Stitch

4 Steps to Knit Stitch



 – Step 1: Set up the first stitch

 – Step 2: Make a loop around the needle and your index finger

 – Step 3: Cast on the second stitch

 – Step 4: Knit the next stitches


Stitching is the most important step in making a knitting pattern. There are several methods to cast on. The technique explained here is simple and suitable for beginners. Here is how to knit stitches very easily.

1. Set up the first stitch

Take the yarn from the ball. It is better to take the beginning of the yarn from the inside of the ball rather than from the outside. This will allow the thread to unravel more easily and prevent the ball from rolling.

Slip your index finger and thumb into the heart of the ball. Grab the yarn and pull slightly to release the end. A knot may form. If so, untie the knot to release the end of the yarn.

You will need only one needle to make the stitches. Please place it in front of you and lay your yarn flat on a smooth surface.

Calculate the length you need

4 Steps to Knit Stitch

Choose the number of stitches you want to make on your needle and multiply this number by two.

It is usual to count 2 cm per stitch to make the knit.

Make a slip knot

 – At this distance from the beginning of the yarn, fold the yarn over itself.

 – Pass the yarn from the end over the yarn that goes to the ball, then under it.

 – With your knitting needle, catch the yarn in the loop.

Slip this knot over the knitting needle.

Pull both ends of the yarn slightly so that the knot tightens.

2. Make a loop around the needle and your index finger

 – Place the ball of yarn to your left.

 – Extend your right index finger while holding your needle in your right hand.

 – With your left hand, pick up the beginning of your yarn on the right (the one that doesn’t go to the ball).

 – Wrap your right index finger from the bottom to the top and place the yarn on the knitting needle.

 – Let go of the yarn with your left hand and hold your right hand in the same position.

3. Lift the second stitch

 – Hold the yarn that goes to the ball with your left hand.

 – Make sure that the end of the thread that forms the index finger loop goes between the needle tip and this second thread.

 – Pass it from left to right on the needle. You can let go of this thread.

 – Then, slide the loop held by your right index finger over the knitting needle.

 – Pull both ends of the yarn slightly. The second stitch is up.

4. Make the next stitches

 – Repeat the previous steps to get the number of stitches you want.

 – When you have the correct number of stitches, take your second needle and start knitting.

Tip: Remember to gently pull on both threads after each stitch to ensure a smooth start. Don’t pull too hard, or you might not be able to knit anymore.

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