6 Tips to Nurture and Encourage Your Child’s Passion

6 Tips to Nurture and Encourage Your Child’s Passion

Every child is unique and born with skills, talents and interests of their own. When they are too young to understand their own specialties, the onus lies on the adults around them to identify, tap into and channel the child’s energy into something that they are naturally good at.

Parents may have a bigger responsibility in finding their child’s passion, since children are more at ease at home, and often indulge in behaviours that reflect their interests. An easy way to help children figure out their passions is by always encouraging them to explore, guiding them to dig deeper and providing them resources etc. But how to know your child’s interests? Let’s figure it out.

1. Let Them Try Everything They Want

If your child says they want to take guitar lessons and then comes back the next month saying they want to learn martial arts, let them do it. This is how your child figures out where their interests lie. These endeavours can become great learning experiences for them. You don’t have to pressurize them to take responsibility for those activities. All you need to do is let their imaginations wander. The price you pay for it is the investment towards their bright passionate future.

2. Normalize the Failures

Jack of all trades but master of none is still better than master of just one. Your child doesn’t have to be absolutely the best at what they do. However, they need to try as many activities as they can. The skills they gain might not seem useful now, but they will make up an excellent profile for them in the future. While learning, they might come across every kind of failure, but not giving up is the most important lesson they could ever learn. This way, they will learn to work hard for their passion and will not be scared of minor obstacles.

3. Make Them Socially Aware

Children these days represent the future; therefore, they need to be aware of their surroundings. This is a great way to make their passion useful to society. A motivation led by a cause never fades away. Your child should not be so self-involved that they become independent of society. A great way to fuel your child’s interest is to make them aware of what their interest means to the world.


4. Make Them Share Their Interest With Others

Encourage your child to make friends wherever they go. These friends who share similar interests will create a sense of unity and respect in your child. If they see them working hard, they will be encouraged to do the same. If they see them doing better, it will encourage them to maintain healthy competition. Doing sports is a great way for your children to learn the value of teamwork. A little bit of physical activity with their peers will not only teach them ethics, but also dedication.

5. Support Them Unconditionally

Sometimes, life just becomes too much. Yes, even for kids. If your child is confused or disputed about his plans for the future, the least you can do is support them through this period of uncertainty. In the end, even if they decide to drop a hobby or an activity, parents should try to understand their decision. Forcing them to do something just because they might become good at it will put more pressure on them and lead to failure in other activities.

6. Observe What They Do Not Like

Children go through many activities in their life that seem like the most important thing ever to them for a moment. Naturally, they will move towards the next best thing they find; however, there aren’t many things that they detest. Keep an eye on the ones they do because there is an underlying cause for it. When you find out about this cause, it will be easier for you to help your child determine their passion in life.


The role of parents in choosing a career for their child is not an easy one; however, these little efforts will eventually guide your child to the right path. Even if your child has already determined what he/she wants to do in their life, practising these exercises in your everyday life will only keep your passionate child more down to earth.