8 Tips To Make Family Visits More Pleasant For Kids

8 Tips To Make Family Visits More Pleasant For Kids

Many young children behave anxiously or shyly toward strangers. When visiting a family member for example, the child will cling to his/her parents. The questions the relative asks him remain unanswered. And a well-meaning pat on the head elicits a loud cry. Here are some tips to make family visits a more pleasant experience for kids.

1) Empathize With Your Child

For the person in question, the “stranger,” the child’s anxious behavior can be very annoying. He or she may be a little offended. You may even feel a little embarrassed because your child is so rude. Try to empathize with your child. He is being taken to a place he has never been before, a place inhabited by people he does not know. You are the only person he knows in that place. So, he will look to you for support.

2) Make the Visit More Comfortable

You may not feel comfortable visiting a relative with your child who behaves this way. But in fact, visits are good for your child. This is how he learns to get used to people.

3) Keep Visits Short

If you take your child with you when you visit friends and acquaintances, it is best to keep the visit short. This way, the child will not be in unfamiliar surroundings for too long and will not spend long periods with strangers. It also prevents boredom and distractions. It is also a good idea to bring your child’s favorite toy or stuffed animal. That way, he won’t be bored and will feel supported.

4) Do Not Pressurize Your Kids

If your child does not want to accompany you on a visit, it is best not to pressure him. Consider arranging for a babysitter. If your child is tired, you can consider leaving him or her with a babysitter. If you are taking them with you, make sure they have a place to sleep that you know. Also, consider a baby monitor. It can be very stimulating for him to sleep in an unfamiliar environment.

Also, don’t pressure him if he comes with you and doesn’t want to talk to his acquaintances. Let him calmly know and study from afar. This way, he will naturally overcome his fear and shyness.

5) Don’t Leave Him on His Own

When you visit an acquaintance, your natural inclination is to chat without interruption. However, the time your child enjoys is not long enough. Therefore, make time for him regularly. Read him a storybook or join him in a game. Let your child know that talking to others does not mean you are forgetting about him.

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6) Understand Him

If your child is scared or embarrassed, be understanding. It is more important to respect your child’s feelings than the feelings of others, especially when it is between kids and adults. So, support your child unconditionally. Let him hold on to you if he wants to.

7) Find a Place Where They Can Relax

For a child who is easily stimulated by noise and people, find a place where he can relax and rest. For a child who is full of energy, it helps to give him lots of activities to do in the car and let him run around during breaks.

Be aware that no family visits are perfect. If you and your child take home one or two good memories, you have done a good job.

8) Bring Their Meal

If you have a child with a lot of likes and dislikes, especially if the party is centered around food, it is a good idea to bring foods that he or she likes. You can encourage them to try new things, but make sure they won’t go hungry doing so.

Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!