Bible Study: Teaching on Faith in God

Bible Study: Teaching on Faith in God

I always like to start with something personal, so please bear it with me!

Based on my relationship with God, I think there is a difference between knowing faith and having faith. I was raised in a Christian home but for the first 20 years of my life, I only had a knowing faith. I grew up bonding with fellow members of the church and I was always taught to “believe”; believe in the Gospel; believe that I was saved; believe that I could be healed from allergies. So, I tried cultivating good “Christian” habits that were keeping me away from sin. However, I didn’t really “believe” in what I was praying. I had no love for the God I was devoting my life to. I read the Bible regularly, but most of it was incomprehensible to me. I didn’t want to offend anyone so I never let anyone know that I didn’t have any “assurance” of salvation.

A few years later, God, in His sovereign grace appeared to me on a few occasions and these encounters helped me never to doubt His existence and His word again. I was an adult, yet I understood the Biblical meaning of “being born again.” God began working in my heart, causing me to actually believe and take a genuine interest in the Gospel. The word of God started to make sense. God was finally IN my life and not because of my active participation in the church, but rather through the profession of faith.

If I go on my merry way as a human being without the Holy Spirit in my life, for me, life would be meaningless. I don’t have to see Him physically to know that He is there with me when I’m sad or that no matter how many difficulties I’ll face, He will pull me through. I have come to understand that, as a follower of Christ who abides by God’s commands, you’ll come to a point where you will cease to define your faith and your faith will begin to define you.

However, we live in a world that’s corroding the teachings of Christ and asking believers to embrace religious practice without faith. But, let us remember what was said in Hebrews 11:6 , “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”

So, let’s see what is faith and how do we grow in it?

What Is Faith?

What Is Faith?

In Luke 18: 8, Jesus said, “However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”

Out of all things, why did Jesus talk about faith? It could have been obedience, peace or joy. Jesus could have also talked about our love for God because this is the first and great commandment (Matthew 22: 37-38). However, He spoke of faith! Why?

Because faith is the very cornerstone upon which Christianity is built. It is the main foundation of salvation and the Christian life.

Faith is the only way through which a soul can be saved and receive his salvation, healing, peace and eternal life in Christ. Faith is like a ticket that’ll be granting you access to the Kingdom of God.

Let’s take a few examples from the scriptures:

“The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.” “Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.”

– From Mark 10: 51-52

“Jesus said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

– From Luke 7: 50

A casual reader going through these scriptures would say, “Isn’t it great how Jesus saved and healed those people?”

But, if you read thoroughly, Jesus didn’t tell them that they were healed and saved because He was the son of God. They were healed by their faith.