Countries with the Best Educational System around the World (Part One)

Countries with the Best Educational System around the World (Part One)

It must be wonderful to be able to study in a country that has the best educational system in the world. You may be asking yourself this question right now, whether it is for you as a student or for your child if you are a father, mother or even for your grandson if you are a grandfather or grandmother. So in this article, we will give you a brief overview of the top educational systems in the world today.

First of all, we would like to shed some light on the criteria that are taken into account to establish this ranking.

The basis for the ranking of the best education systems in the world:

– First, the enrollment rate of young children aged 3 to 4,

– Second, the completion of primary education for children aged 6 to 11

– Third, the completion of lower secondary education for children aged 11 to 14

– Fourth, the high school graduation rate for youth ages 14 to 18

– Fifth, the college graduation rate for youth ages 18 to 25

– Sixth place, primary test scores for children ages 6 to 11

– 7th place, lowest high school test scores for children ages 11 to 14

– also, school safety levels for youth ages 3 to 25

– Also, out-of-school children aged 3 to 14

– Finally, illiteracy levels for adults from 15 years of age

Although this is the top ranking in the world, some other project databases may be different.

In addition to all of the above, the country’s infrastructure is considered in terms of:

– student/teacher ratio

– free access to schools, from early childhood to high school.

So ready to find out the best education systems in the world? Read on!

Currently, various educational strategies have been formed and enrich educational institutions with versatile tools. Some need to improve their strategies, but others have exceeded expectations by being the best at imparting knowledge and serving students.

What is essential for a country to have an effective learning system is to find the flaws in the current system and eradicate them. Economic resources and teacher motivation will be important in achieving this goal.


The results of Finnish studies are surprising when considering the performance of students in their academic activities. Its education system adopts a simple learning course with short classes and didactic extracurricular activities.

It is known as a country with a very versatile learning model in Europe. Classes are not very large, and it gives teachers and students time to focus on their studies and personal activities.

State investment in education: 7% of GDP

South Korea

Its geographical space is not an obstacle to being considered one of the countries with the best education system in the world. Although it has not been very visible in the past, education in South Korea has evolved to encourage the cognitive and psychological development of the student.

Currently, a large amount of money is being invested in the education sector to improve it more and more. In some institutions in the country, classes are seen 7 days a week, where hard work is a reality that brings significant results in the academic development of students.

State investment in education: 5% of GDP


Denmark is among the elite in educational development. With a literacy rate of 99% in Denmark, the country is recognized as one of the top educational systems in the world. The academic world in Denmark is known for its special environment in the universities with regards to providing sound knowledge to its students.

State investment in education: 6% of GDP

There you go! Those countries are the top 3 countries around the world to have the best educational system. Do you want to learn more of those countries? Come back later to check the second part of this article. Until then, what country did you have in mind so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.