From broke to rich: 3 inspirational success stories.

From broke to rich: 3 inspirational success stories.

Many of the wealthiest celebrities of our time come from low-income families. They even made it to the top of the Forbes list.

We all know that it is very difficult to build wealth with the pandemic when tons of people are losing their jobs. In order to show that everything is possible, we have put together three inspirational stories to boost you whenever you are feeling down. If these people made it, so can you!

Oprah Winfrey

Toronto Film Festival - Oprah Winfrey | Marco Manna | Flickr
Oprah Winfrey

Can you believe that Oprah Winfrey wore potato sacks, as her family did not have enough money to buy clothes? A woman whose net worth today is estimated to be around $ 2 billion. Yes, this is incredible and more than inspiring.

Winfrey is a resourceful woman with a number of strings to her bow; she is a talk show host, actress, television producer and even an author. But before being filthy rich and living a glamorous life, Oprah lived a troubled childhood.

She was abused sexually and physically during various years and even raped by her cousin at the age of 9 while being under her mother’s care. Five years later, she was placed in her father’s custody, where she got better care.

She went to school and was very brilliant. Winfrey even got a scholarship to Tennessee State University; however, she left college and pursued her dream career in media at age 19.

We can say that actually, Oprah’s most minor worry is money. Oprah flies in her own $ 42 million jets. She owns approximately six houses in the United States, including the 42-acre property that she is currently occupying. One of my favorite success stories; she went from nothing to an empire worth billions of dollars.

J.K Rowling

Joanne Rowling, best-known as J.K Rowling, is another rags to riches story that inspires many people. Joanne did not have a much-troubled childhood. She had middle-class parents and lived quite well.

She did a degree in French and had several temporary jobs. Around 1990, following her divorce, and raising her daughter as a single parent, she started mapping out the idea of Harry Potter, and this process took exactly five years. She worked as a teacher but continued to write in her spare time.

While writing the first Harry Potter book, Rowling was living off government welfare. At a certain point in her life, she even considered suicide as she was depressed. ‘Harry Potter was rejected 12 times before being published by Scholastic.

In 2021, Rowling’s wealth is estimated at $ 1 billion.

Sam Walton

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Sam Walton

Sam Walton is an American businessman, founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club. Every time you go to Walmart, remember that the founder was of this hypermarket was born poor on a farm but died as a billionaire.

Sam Walton grew up on a farm, but his family did not make enough money off it to sustain the family. He was always helping his family to make ends meet by taking small jobs. At one point in time, he was milking cows and drove them to customers. He left the military in 1945 and decided to purchase a Ben Franklin store at the age of 26.

The Walton’s family is still, to this day, the owner of 50 percent of the company, and there is a total of 11 443 Walmart throughout the world. Sam Walton’s personal net worth would have been more than $ 100 billion if he was still alive. Forbes named Sam Walton as the richest in the United States from the year 1982 to 1988.

These three stories are meant to inspire you for the future. Everyone went through challenging phases, and you have to hold onto your dreams. Let us know in the comments which one of these stories inspires you the most.