Hate Studying: Great Ways to Get Your Child Interested in Studies

Hate Studying: Great Ways to Get Your Child Interested in Studies

Handling kids and keeping them in control is already such a complicated work (sometimes even life-threatening). Now, you talk about provoking their interest in studies? Mission Impossible!

Well, it’s impossible if you think about it as an adult. Come out from your parent’s skin and put yourself in their shoes. Or, go back to when you were still a kid. Back then, what do you think would have motivated you to study?

#1. Create a Nice Environment for Studying

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Yes, education is definitely a must, especially in today’s world. But come on, we cannot always blame the kids, sometimes studying can indeed become very boring. But, not if you are in a pleasant and relaxing environment.

Now, please try to erase the typical study room from your mind. I am sure your kids are already tired of these library-like spaces. If you really want to encourage your kid, go for something new, unique and exciting. For instance, why don’t you opt for some outdoor space?

Studying outside will not only provide a serene and comfortable space but will also enhance the studying mood of your kids. Imagine this: the summer season, a shady spot, an ice-cold drink. That’s enough to set the right environment for your kid.

I’ve got another idea – a bit crazy one, you might say – last year, in order to motivate my kids, I brought them, guess where? At the beach! With the nice breeze, the gentle sound of the waves and brown, sparkling sand around, not one kid can tell me that it’s not a stimulating environment.

#2. Teach Consequences

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As parents, you know why you are trying your best to make your kids study. You don’t want them to be in the same place as you (not that I am criticizing where you have reached or your career path), but you want them to be better than you. You don’t want your kids to be labeled as “failures’ by the society.

It is evident that you want your kid to be a doctor, lawyer or teacher one day. You want them to prosper, have a nice job, a good house and their own car. In other words, you want their happiness. But, of course, children will not understand that as they have not yet experienced the harsh realities of the world.

So, before it’s too late, teach your children about the consequences of not studying. Make them understand the importance of education. You can use movies as examples to show them what happens when one doesn’t have an education.

In my case, I used the movie Parasite (you know, the famous 2019 South Korean movie that won the Oscar for Best Picture) to show my kids the difference between those who study and those who don’t (I know the movie doesn’t really mention any educational difference but I found no better example than that).

  • The Park family represents those who succeeded in the field of education and as a result, they have a huge and luxurious house, their own chauffeur and servants at their service.


  • On the other hand, the Kim family represents individuals who performed poorly at school and consequently, they live in poor conditions, don’t have enough food and struggle to make ends meet.

#3. Learn With Music

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We often hear that music can heal the wounded souls. Music can bring pleasure even during suffering. Music can bring a warm glow even during endless winter periods. What about music can improve learning?

Well, did you know that music was used as a therapy in an education setting during the 1830s in the Perkins School for the Blind found in Massachusetts?

Here are some benefits of incorporating music in the study routine of your kids:

  • Several studies indicated that music could enhance neuroplasticity and the nervous system and consequently can improve your kids’ speech, vocabulary, word comprehension, and reading ability.
  • Music can increase a kid’s productivity level.
  • Music can provide as much energy as a few cups of coffee can.
  • Music can lead to positive and balanced moods.
  • Music can boost memory.
  • Music is, of course, a stress reliever.

You were once a kid also and growing up, you understood the consequence of not studying. And, I am sure you don’t want your child to go through any difficult phase. You would like the best for them, isn’t it?