How To Prepare Your Child For Primary School?

How To Prepare Your Child For Primary School?

When your child’s fourth birthday is near, primary school also comes into view. This is a big step for both you and your child. At primary school, they will be expected to do something different (new) from what they have done before. By doing these activities at home, you can prepare your child for entering elementary school.

Once they enter elementary school, they will, of course be guided by their teachers. They will not be thrown to the lions in the form of paper and sharp scissors. So, while it is certainly not obligatory to teach your child certain skills, it may be helpful.

Make the new school year a glorious one by simply practicing these activities at home.

1) Cutting Clay

Teach children how to hold scissors by having them cut clay with plastic scissors.

2) Recognizing Colors

The same goes for color recognition. You can also practice it perfectly by drawing pictures with them.

3) Curved lines

Curved lines are also good practice. For example, have them draw curves and curls.

4) Holding a Pen

When coloring or drawing, pay attention to how they hold the pencil. Practice holding the pen this way.

5) Cleaning up

At school, children must clean up after their work. Incorporating this rule at home will also help prepare him or her.

6) Putting on Shoes

Shoes may be removed during class activities. Therefore, helping them practice putting on and taking off their shoes by themselves will be useful.

7) Hand Washing

Hygiene is important, so please teach them how to wash their hands properly. And let them know that it is essential to do so always after going to the bathroom.

8) Recognizing shapes

Practice recognizing basic shapes such as squares, circles, and triangles with your child. You can do this at home or on the go by naming these shapes and playing with them. For example, a plate is round, right?

9) Straight Lines

Practice drawing straight lines with your child. A fun play activity is to connect the dots and draw them.

10) Inside the Lines

Regular coloring in will help your child learn to paint inside the lines. Start with a simple coloring book with a large area and always choose something a little more complicated.

11) Hand-eye coordination

Develop hand-eye coordination by picking up and moving objects with kitchen tongs. Loved by many children!

12) Waiting for Your Turn

At school you may have to wait for the teacher, but at home your child can always come to you. Practice saying something in turn at dinner. By doing so, the child learns to wait his or her turn.

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13) Making New Friends

Going to a new school means saying goodbye to old friends and making new ones. Talk to your child about what he or she can do to make new friends. Reassure them that they will still see their kindergarten friends. During the first two months of elementary school, set aside time to play with kindergarten friends to help your child maintain those friendships.

14) Teach Your Child About Safety

Consider a variety of safety-threatening situations your child may encounter at school. Discuss what to do if an adult or another child makes them feel uncomfortable, fire procedures, the dangers of leaving school grounds unattended, traffic safety issues, etc.

15) Talk About What Is Expected of Them

Buy some books about life at the elementary school. Spend time together talking about what a day at elementary school will be like. Encourage your child to work out any concerns together.

Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!