Learn How to Choose a Babysitter

Learn How to Choose a Babysitter

Learn How to Choose a Babysitter


– Step 1: Don’t rush

– Step 2: Consider all profiles

– Step 3: Prepare the interview for a good selection

Choosing a babysitter is always tricky, and here are some criteria to help you find the right candidate.

1. Don’t rush

Learn How to Choose a Babysitter

Often, with the start of the school year, work resuming, administrative paperwork and registrations, there is little time to find a nanny. However, you are entrusting your children and your home to a babysitter, so it is essential to find someone you trust.

Word of mouth is often the best way to find a trusted babysitter; if that doesn’t work, learning never stops, so here are some other tips for successful recruitment.

2. Consider all profiles

Learn How to Choose a Babysitter

While most young people recruited for this position are girls, boys can also be very responsible and good with children. They often have the humour to ease tension and the natural authority to command respect without raising their voices.

So consider both profiles! This will broaden your search.

Good to know: older people can also be excellent babysitters! With their experience and calmness, they will calm down the most mischievous children and show great patience.

3. Prepare the interview for a good selection

Learn How to Choose a Babysitter

A responsible babysitter will arrive on time, keep all the necessary numbers in a prominent place, entertain the children, console them in case of grief and know how to change a diaper. This goes without saying.

But during the interview, ask the right questions and look for clues that will guide you to the right choice:

– Experience: have they had previous babysittings? Do they have younger siblings?

– References: can a previous employer recommend them?

– Education: Are they studying in the psycho-social or childcare sectors?

– Reflexes: put the babysitter in a situation by asking them some practical questions:

◦ What games to play with the children?

◦ At what age does a child go to the potty?

◦ What are the emergency numbers?

◦ How do you react if the doorbell rings? Etc.

– His interest in the children: the babysitter should ask you the ages of your children, their grade level and their first name. If he doesn’t mention these elements but only cares about the gratification and the schedule, it is possible that he will be present on the D-day but that he will neglect the main interested parties a bit!

– Their eagerness to provide you with the requested documents: ask the babysitter for an ID and a certificate of civil liability insurance for babysitting (issued by their home insurer). They should give you these documents without any hesitation.

Good to know: academic success can be a false indicator. Even if a high school student with good grades appears more serious than an amateur, nothing indicates that they are as comfortable with children as with classes!

Having a good instinct is essential when hiring a babysitter: try to have your children present at the interview to give you their impression once the candidate leaves!

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Hope this post has helped you get an idea of how to choose a babysitter. Remember to share your thoughts in the comments below.