Parent-Teacher in Education; A Competition Or A Collaboration?

Parent-Teacher in Education; A Competition Or A Collaboration?

It’s been a tough two years for education. This pandemic has disrupted our lives, and the educational sector has taken a toll. It is an opportunity for teachers, caregivers, and parents to work together hand-in-hand to provide the best to the students; however, this is not going as planned; parents and teachers are not responding to this situation with ambition. They are mostly claiming their power within the sector, and most of the time, this is not pretty.

Most of the time, parents and teachers are arguing over the syllabus, mask, social distancing, sanitizing, and vaccination. Some schools are reviewing their plans repeatedly because of parents’ disagreements. Collaboration is turning into a competition; how far will that go?

Remote Learning

Education- remote learning
Education- remote learning

This is the new normal- remote learning and online classes have become the new normal of most students around the globe. This is an opportunity for parents to have full visibility of how the school functions and how the teachers proceed in doing their jobs. Some parents are not satisfied with the long-established way of proceeding of many schools or teachers, and they are not afraid to come forward and voice out about the situation.

However, some parents fail to understand that learning within a classroom and learning from home is completely different. There is the element of learning, but the atmosphere plays a major part. There is the screen barrier, and this utterly changes everything. Parents need to understand that all of these brouhahas won’t help their child, it will do the opposite.


You should keep in mind that a partnership-parent-teacher will better serve the student than a ‘fight’ to know what is better, what’s not, or who is doing their job well. Everyone shall try to do their job the best they can without focusing on the other for the wellness of the students.

Most of the time, children’s education is very blurred to parents because they are very busy with their work-life and not very involved in their children’s education. They are suddenly with their children at home because school shutting down rings a bell, unfortunately not the right one.

Online learning brings light to education; it is there in front of them. Now many parents are questioning or even claiming their ‘parental rights. Suddenly, there are a lot of phone calls to the schools, more meetings, more school board elections, and, in conclusion, more parent involvement.

Education - partnership
Education – partnership

This is not a bad thing; on the contrary, it is wonderful; parents are a force that needs to be allied with the teachers so that this pandemic time and online learning situation goes as smoothly as possible. Normally, parents want to advocate for their children; as a parent, they love their children and want only the best for them, but I don’t think tightening jaw and clenched fists will help.

However, while studying the arguments of some parents, we may see that most of their arguments are serving themselves rather than their children. That’s why parents and teachers must join forces for the student’s success.

In this situation, it is best if parents and teachers work together to draft a plan, support each other, and set goals. The collaboration and efforts that both parties will put in will be reflected in the students’ grades. Teachers will be more apt to their jobs as they won’t have to battle against angry parents, and parents will be able to monitor their children’s progress.

This pandemic asks us to reshape our views on education and, most importantly, the system. It should be a healthy system between the parents, teachers, and students. This is an opportunity for children to reach their full potential; let us know if you think the system is failing to provide good education to the students…