School Bullying; How Parents And Teachers Will Help To Battle Bullying

School Bullying; How Parents And Teachers Will Help To Battle Bullying

We have all seen the movie “Mean Girl” or at least heard about it once in our lives. My friends and I have seen the film a thousand times and every time we laugh at how stupid the characters sound, but once we thought about how the film could promote bullying. In the film, bullying seems to have no consequences, but in reality, it impacts the victim and their surrounding.

Should students encounter bullying in movies like Mean Girl, which portrays this serious issue as just a motion picture added for context? This made me reflect on how teachers and parents should take the lead in explaining the terrible consequences that bullying can have?

In most classrooms, teachers have adopted a ‘silence policy’ because it is easier to run a classroom where students remain quiet, but they did not realise that students often have no one to talk to, and a strict and rigid classroom is not helpful. Teachers should strive to create a safe atmosphere where there is respect, so that students do not talk during class, but can speak up if they feel it is necessary.

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School Bullying; How Parents And Teachers Will Help To Battle Bullying

There are hundreds of bullying stories that happen on school campuses that will shock you; many of them end in mental illness or even suicide. It should be made clear that both parents and teachers have a responsibility to protect children.

Many teachers deny responsibility and blame parents, but remember that students spent between 5 and 6 hours at school before the pandemic, while on weekdays they spent about 4 hours with their parents. When parents send their children to school, they want to be sure that they are safe there and they trust the institution to some extent.

We should ensure the safety of parents

Parents and teachers should work together to provide quality education to children because they cannot focus on their education if they do not feel safe. It is important to know that most victims of bullying drop out of school. The fight against bullying should be a continuous process that starts at school (as most cases of bullying start there) and should be continued by parents at home. Parents and teachers should pull together and not give contradictory speeches.

One of the most effective ways to combat bullying is to build a good relationship with the children. Our students and children should trust us and come to us when there is a problem. School programs and seminars on bullying will not be effective if there is no trust.

That is why it is important to build a strong relationship with children before they reach their teenage years. As a teenager, it is harder to confess to an adult, especially if there is no relationship.

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School Bullying; How Parents And Teachers Will Help To Battle Bullying

How to build a strong relationship

– Show them that you love and trust them.
– Set boundaries and consequences, but explain it to them.
– Listen to them.
– Spend quality time together.

We have talked about the victims, but sometimes our child can be the bully, and when people complain we should not take sides but be able to see the truth.

Parenting and education is not easy task. We are responsible for the safety and the development of a child. The stage of development will determine what kind of adult our children will be, so it is important to make the most of it. These strong relationships allow children to distinguish between good and bad and have someone they can confide in. Everyone in society should take responsibility for raising a child. Let us know in the comments what you do to build a strong relationship with your child.