SEO: Everything You Need To Know About SMO Strategy

SEO: Everything You Need To Know About SMO Strategy

Do you know terms like SEM, SEO, SEA, or SMO? Have you ever heard of web referencing? Are you looking for a great marketing strategy? Or are you just curious about what’s behind the search engines? Either way, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s see the essentials of web search engine optimization. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things everyone should know about marketing.



Indeed, you are not dreaming; it is indeed a formula! Unlike those of high school or college, the SEM formula does not require a big calculation with big numbers. In fact, it’s just a notation to demonstrate an idea in general. SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the set of several marketing strategies that we will detail one by one in the following parts.

SEO Strategy

The SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a strategy of referencing a website called “natural” or “organic”. It defines all the techniques implemented to improve the positioning of a website on the search engine results or SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The SERP aims to analyze the sites with algorithms that take into account every detail. It then filters the sites according to their types, nature, or types of requests to meet the SEO strategy’s expectations. But why is this SEO called “natural”? Simply because it’s free! And yes, this referencing mode is based more on the nature of the content than on the advertising results.

SEA strategy


As in any adversary strategy, the goal remains the same, i.e., to reference a website in order to place it in the first rankings of a search engine; only the methods change. “All roads lead to Rome,” they say. In contrast to SEO, SEA or Search Engine Advertising is a paid referencing service. Translated from the English “Advertising on Search Engines”, it is based on the distribution of advertising on a search engine.

For example, the search engine Google has its own advertising network known as Google Ads. The principle is quite simple: each keyword in the content of the website is auctioned to serve as an advertising space. Subsequently, these are the advertising spaces that companies buy to provide ads to Internet users who will search for the website’s keywords on search bars. Since SEA is paid, it always goes above SEO.

SMO Strategy

On the other hand, SMO or Social Media Optimization is neither a paid enhancement service like SEA nor a natural SEO strategy; it is a simple medium. Basically, its role is to carry out all activities that aim to improve the visual quality of a company on social networks. When translated, it gives “Social Media Optimization”, which means that it does not help to refer a website directly on search engines but through the media.

Everything depends on the social network this time. As an example, we have YouTube. Always from Google, this platform is indispensable in a search strategy. As we know, YouTube is the second search service after Google, which collects the maximum number of results. This means that it has the most audience compared to Dailymotion or Vimeo. So, this audience will be the key to the whole SMO strategy.

What about SEM?


After reading each point of this article, you will finally understand the concept of SEM = SEO + SEA + SMO. To tell you the truth, SEM is just a global term gathering all the necessary techniques for marketing. Nature, advertising, and social networking are the secrets to improving and customizing the visibility of any subject (company, person, site, …). All these key elements are called SEM.

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