Stretching Your Back at the Office

Stretching Your Back at the Office

Stretching Your Back at the Office


    – Step 1: Before you start stretching your back

    – Step 2: Stretching the posterior muscle chain

    – Step 3: Stretching the back muscles

    – Step 4: Neck stretch

    – Step 5: Stretching the lateral neck muscles

The back is often under a lot of pressure during the day, even at your desk. Sitting is not a natural position and generates a lot of muscular tension, especially in the back.

Stretching the back at the office is interesting as these stretches can be done on the spot and do not require special equipment.

So don’t hesitate to take 5 minutes every hour to do these stretches. Remember to breathe during these exercises.

1. Before you start stretching your back

Take the time to relax by breathing quietly.

Wait until your breathing is both full and calm.

2. Stretching the posterior muscle chain

    – Sit down, interlace your fingers and stretch your arms above your head. Bring your arms as far back as possible and hold.

    – Take a deep breath.

    – Continue the stretch by bending sideways and holding.

    – Return to the upright position.

    – Lean to the other side and hold.

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3. Stretching the back muscles

    – Sit on the edge of your chair and straighten your legs.

    – Cross your fingers at the back of your neck.

    – Let your head move forward, releasing it as much as possible.

    – Let your hands naturally accentuate the forward stretch, and breathe deeply.

    – Hold the position for several minutes.

Make sure you are as relaxed as possible and do not pull with your hands on the back of your neck. The stretch will happen by itself, at your own pace.

Note: the first few times, this exercise may cause a slight headache due to the influx of blood. In this case, keep the position for a shorter period and increase the duration of the exercise gradually over time.

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4. Neck Stretch

    – Sit down and drop one arm to your side.

    – Bring the other arm over your head and place your hand on your opposite cheek: your right hand against the left cheek and vice versa.

    – Gradually tilt your head to stretch the area between your shoulder and neck and use your hand to maintain the tilt.

Variation: while tilting the head to the side, bring it down.

Hold the position for a few seconds and release it gradually. Then change sides.

5. Stretching the lateral neck muscles

Sitting on a chair with your back straight:

    – Tilt your head so that your ear is close to your shoulder. Be careful to keep your shoulder relaxed.

    – After a few seconds, hold the tilted position and bring your chin towards your chest. Let the natural weight of your head do the stretching.

    – In a third step, turn your head away from the tilted position.

    – Gradually release and switch sides.

Hope this post helps you be more comfortable in your chair at the office. Remember to spread the word!

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