Things That Should Teach In School But Don’t (PART 1)

Things That Should Teach In School But Don’t (PART 1)

‘School’ – very complex yet well-install institutions meant to teach individuals, helping them have a job and succeed in life. I found that school is too focused on memorization; as a child, I learned my notes by heart and then went through exams, passed a test, and then forgot about everything. For most people in society, knowledge is referred to as a piece of paper, a.k.a certifications, but they don’t have real-life knowledge. This article will go over what I think should have been taught in school but, unfortunately, are not…

Survival Skills

As the world is evolving and we have more high-tech gadgets, humans tend to forget that we are not invincible and even that we are very fragile. Every school should teach physical and mental survival skills.

Everyone should start a fire, use a compass, know what plants are edible, and know how to use the stars for orientation. With the high risk of natural catastrophes, no one is safe from a tornado or tsunami.

It is important to develop mental resilience. If you can overcome every mental barrier, you can overcome everything.

Teach Survivals Skills In Schools


I know that philosophy is taught in some schools but instead of teaching students about ‘what is knowledge?’, let’s teach students about true philosophy. The one that they will be confronted with in real life. For example, ‘is violence justified? Or ‘when is it okay to lie.

Things that will be useful, not just a bunch of words thrown here and there, but that does not make sense, at least not for a 16-year-old.

Cooking Skills

I think that everyone should take cooking classes in school because soon they will be in college most of them will leave their parents home and find themselves on their own. It can be very frustrating for someone to be alone when they don’t cook a proper meal. I know that you may think that they can eat out, but keep in mind that it will require a good amount of money to eat out every day.

Managing Finances

We are learning about ‘sin cos tan’ things that I haven’t used since I left school; however, what I needed to know was how to manage my finances, budgets, and so on.

If the school had taught all of these things, fewer people would have been in debt.

Farming And Growing Food

Some schools learn how to farm or grow vegetables, but only a few. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to grow vegetables from cuttings, grow herbs on your window shed, and things like that. It is an amazing opportunity to learn how to take care of things.


There are more raising concerns about body images, abuse, sexual assaults that later on causes trauma resulting in broken adults that mirror their trauma in their relationships later on. This vicious cycle will never end if we don’t teach people how to deal with their trauma.

Schools Should Teach About Self-Care
Schools Should Teach About Self-Care

Teaching self-care will include mental health, self-love, and self-acceptance. Real life is hard, and school should prepare us for that rather than being broken adults with good qualifications.

First Aid

First aid should be taught to every student as soon as they reach the age to remember instructions. CPR, bandaging wounds, or assisting people during seizures are the basics of first aid and can be vital at any moment.

The Limitation Of Police Power

There is a rise in police violence right now, and it seems that it is becoming important that everyone knows their rights. Know when it is allowed for police to use force and the difference between using force and brutality.

This is part one of this article, as many other things should be taught in school. Let us know in the comments if you have been taught any of the above…