Tips To Stay Focused When Studying

Tips To Stay Focused When Studying

Need tips to help you stay focused while studying? Or perhaps you get easily distracted when learning? And, when you finally start working, it takes you around 20 minutes to set into the correct working mode? You might have a problem concentrating. Luckily, we have some tips to help you overcome your lack of concentration! Let’s dive into it!

1) Computer and TV

It would be best to leave your computer or laptop aside unless it is required for learning. If you have trouble dealing with the temptation of using a computer or TV, choose a room away from these temptations. It’s hard at first, but you’ll eventually get used to it and be much more productive! You will complete your works quicker, and this will save you time that you can spend on fun things or activities.

2) Outside Noise

Do noise such as traffic, loud talking, work, etc., bother you? Try studying somewhere else. Can’t find any other appropriate place? Put on your headphones and play some soft music. This will eliminate distracting sounds and help you refocus. Some people find (background) music very relaxing. It improves their concentration, so they learn better. If it works for you as well, then why not?!

Tips to Stay Focused When Studying

3) Light and Oxygen

Keep your desk tidy, as clutter is distracting and anxiety-inducing. It doesn’t help you concentrate! Do you have a good seat, enough light, and a good room temperature? Is there sufficient fresh air flowing in the space? The brain needs more oxygen when studying or learning intensively, so make sure you have the proper environment for it.

4) Everything in Moderation

If you work for too long, you will eventually get tired and feel restless. You can avoid this by alternating between studying and something that distracts you entirely from learning. Everything in moderation! Besides, this will also help you relax for a moment. For instance, you could have a small day trip, go shopping or relieve stress with exercise. Something that works wonders is to have a complete change of scenery for a while. In any case, find what suits you the most and apply it!

5) Anxious Thoughts

Are you plagued by thoughts about various things that prevent you from concentrating? Make a short note of these distractions and solve them when you finish studying. By doing so, you won’t lose essential thoughts or ideas that pop into your head. Now that your mind head is free and clear, you can get back to work!

Tips to Stay Focused When Studying

6) To-Do List

Are you concerned about “what you still have to do”? No idea where to start? If so, start your day by creating a to-do list. Get your study planner out and see what you have to do that day, things you need to start doing or learning. Jot everything down, placing the most urgent items at the top of the list. You can also make a note of things that are not related to learning but which you must do. You’ll find that not only is it nice to cross things from the list once done, but it helps you free your mind and focus better!

7) Summary, Timetable, Mind Map

As you study, underline everything you think is essential. You can then use these bits of information to summarize the topic using a mind map or outline. These are easier to learn from than a whole block of text. You can also generate questions on the topic and use them later to test yourself. Don’t forget to practice with past tests, exams or quizzes. If necessary, discuss the topic and exercises with classmates or colleagues. This is another way you can fully absorb the material and not forget it!

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!