Top 5 Best Tips For Studying

Top 5 Best Tips For Studying

Let’s be honest; studying isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. I recently graduated from college, and let me tell you, it is one of the best and worst times of your life. Studying was the worst part of college for me, but it was something that I had to do to get through it.

I didn’t spend my whole college journey stuck in the library, I had my fair share of fun there, and I always believe in the saying, work smart and not hard. And work smart; I did and had some tricks to get through studying. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some tips for studying.

1. Grasping the meaning of lessons


To learn well, you must first understand what you are learning. But you also need to know what your teachers are trying to achieve. In other words, the lessons must make sense to you. Only then can you grasp the “tricks” to memorize better and faster.

Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. Not only will this show that you are interested in the course, but it will also show that you are mature. So, if you don’t see the point of a lesson or what you need to remember, go to your teacher and ask.

2. Be organized

You’ll need to be organized from the start. Plan your days by scheduling your classes, homework time, and breaks. When professors give you their syllabus, write down all the important dates and deadlines and start planning accordingly.

For example, if you have a 10-page essay due in two weeks, you might write one page a day, setting aside a few extra days for possible homework or to have more time to revise and edit your masterpiece. And remember, it’s essential to be organized beyond the classroom, so you might as well get in the habit now!

3. Pamper yourself


Take breaks! It’s impossible to study for eight hours straight without losing focus. Try the 45/15 rule: study for a good 45 minutes and then take a 15-minute break. Make sure you get plenty of rest, too, and make the most of nap time. Eat properly and try not to give in to the temptation of chocolate and energy drinks.

Drink water. Caffeine can help you focus at the moment, but it can cause you to crash unless you drink it continuously. And exercise. Exercise is proven to reduce stress, help you sleep better, and improve alertness, concentration, and memory. Last but not least, don’t forget to breathe. Relaxation allows you to take care of your body and mind.

4. Befriend the right people

Be friends with both the teacher and the students. When you make friends with them, teachers respect you more and are more willing to help you when you need it. And don’t ask questions like, “Did I miss something in class yesterday?” because that would mean they don’t give helpful information every day – which, surprise, they do! Remember, they are human beings too.

For students, participate in study groups, but proceed with caution. Follow these general guidelines: stay focused. Create an agenda and a deadline, then choose the right kind of people for the group. Everyone should contribute, and if free riders try to sneak in, jump ship.

If groups are not your cup of tea, find someone to share their class notes with you, help you communicate aloud- a proven method for retaining information- and explain material you don’t understand.

5. Study


No one knows how to study “properly,” but there are many tips to keep in mind. First, establish a routine. Do you study best at night or in the morning? With study buddies or on your own? Then, remember that you must constantly evolve and adapt. Try new techniques, re-evaluate what works and doesn’t, and then adjust your strategy accordingly.

Try to get ahead on your reading and homework when you have time. Need to memorize a huge amount of information? Break it down into smaller sections, and don’t start a new one until you’ve finished the previous one. Be an active learner: take notes, ask questions, and try to teach others what you have learned.

Final thoughts

You should always go to class and never skip class, except when sick. You might miss the answers to an upcoming exam. And while going out with friends is an important point, do it in moderation. Remember that you are a student first before you are a party animal.

My motto is college was party as hard as you study. And that I did; I went to all the parties on campus and still graduated summa cum laude. College will be one of the best times of your life and take time to enjoy it. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about studying.