Which Are the Best Primary Schools in Mauritius? (Part 2)

Which Are the Best Primary Schools in Mauritius? (Part 2)

One of the most important tasks a parent has is to entrust their children to a school that will educate and raises them. If you live in Mauritius and are looking for a primary school that can meet your children’s specific needs, take a look at the list below.

Cavendish Institute

Cavendish InstituteLocated on Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam Avenue, Cavendish Institute is an educational institution that believes that learning is improved when it is effectively and appropriately combined with observing and experiencing well-grounded theories. The school also believes when parents or field specialists interact with students, it can bring the best out of them and make the whole learning process more interesting and more effective.

With these aims and priorities in mind, the school always tries to involve all the students in group discussions of workshops with resource people from various fields on a regular basis. In fact, it creates an opportunity for pupils to meet and interact with resource people from the Ministry of Education, ICAC, Crime Prevention Unit, the Rotary Club and so on. Students are also frequently encouraged to work in groups for different projects so as to help them understand the true meaning of “teamwork.”

Students at Cavendish Institute are encouraged to participate in the following events and projects:

  • Anti-Littering Campaign organized by the Ombudsperson for Children
  • Big Book Exhibition organized by the Early Childhood Care and Education Authority (ECCEA)
  • Science Exhibitions organized by the Rajiv Gandhi Science Center
  • Road Safety Awareness Campaign organized by Vivo Shell
  • Digital Youth Empowerment Programme organized by the National Computer Board
  • Letter writing competitions organized by The Mauritius Post
  • Nursery Rhyme Festival organized by the Hindi Speaking Union etc…

More Details:

Contact Number: (+230) 427 2590

Email:  cavendishinstitute@gmail.com

Address: SSR Avenue, Paillote, Phoenix, Mauritius (Behind J & J Auditorium)

Parents’ Reviews:

“Cavendish Institute is the perfect balance of quality education and extra curricular activities available like swimming classes, Tai Chi, Music, Dance, PE, etc (all included in the school fees). My son really likes the food also. Cavendish Institute is highly recommended!” –From Gopal

“If you are looking for piece of mind for your little ones then look no further. This is the place.” – From Illshad

“Very good School. As an independent Private school, students and teachers work closely with one another, support one another and learn from one another. Very good Discipline and I feel so blessed my daughter landed in such a caring environment. The Teacher care so deeply about their students and are committed, knowledgeable, and loving. Cavendish is an awesome school- we truly love it. “ Hope it will have its college soon. Thanks again Cavendish.” – From Dorine

Children’s Reviews:

“I still remember my school and I miss my friends so much.” –From N

Philippe Rivalland R.C.A SchoolPhilippe Rivalland R.C.A School

Situated nearby to Sacre Coeur, Philippe Rivalland R.C.A School is one of the best primary schools in Mauritius. In my own experience, I would say it’s a school where children get to be taught certain norms and values of a society.

Children’s Reviews:

“Very good academic school and encourages the transmission of certain values.

However, I note that no email address is available yet. And, no website?”

“This was my primary school, good teachers staff, i still remember the teachers were strict to develope children with good manners. I love my school so much! If i get the chance to visit Mauritius, my 1st preference visit is my school and the teachers.”

“Was primary school, one of the best in beau bassin region .Very good school

Keep it up!”

“At my time there, teachers used to hit kids for any reason. They seemed to be bringing their personal issues to work. When the govt decided to abolish corporal punishment, the teachers were achieving their cruelties in different ways, like forcing you wait to go to the toilet until you wet yourself. Some teachers were lazy and did not work in the classrooms but excelled when offering 2hrs private tuition after school hours, in the same class. If you cannot take up these tuitions they made your life a living hell.”